You’ll discover all this and much more. Author Brad McMurrey has spent decades collecting and summarizing all the great relationship ideas so you don’t have to! In this first of its kind book, these ideas are presented as step-by-step actions that help you find love and make it an integral part of you and your partner’s daily lives.

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THE LOVE LADDER is designed for anyone at any stage of relationship!

If you’re not currently involved in a relationship, you’ll discover:

  • What to look for in your next relationship and what you must do to be successful in romance and love!

If you’re dating, use key areas of love to evaluate your relationship and discover:

  • If you’re in a good relationship or not.
  • How much potential it has.
  • Whether to stay or move on.

If you’re married or fully committed, you’ll discover:

  • What areas of love need work and how to improve your relationship in those and other areas.

THE LOVE LADDER will provide a step-by-step blueprint of detailed, organized activities that will help everyone discover:

  • How to make themselves more desirable and get more of what they want by helping others get what they want
  • What members of the opposite sex are looking for, what’s important to them, what they want, how they think, how to talk to them
  • How to evaluate the quality and potential of a current relationship and how to raise the level of emotional connection and commitment

From Your Favorite Store
(from $4.99)


In THE LOVE LADDER you and your partner will discover how to build a successful relationship by learning to:

  • Improve your compatibility (Chapters 9-16)
  • Improve yourselves individually so you’re each ready to build the great relationship you want (Chapter 10)
  • Build a foundation for love by learning the basics of a good relationship (Chapter 11)
  • Improve your communications so you can share thoughts, feelings, and dreams (Chapter 12)
  • Minimize and manage conflicts so they don’t do permanent damage (Chapter 13)
  • Deepen your  emotional connection—feel more loved, understood, supported, encouraged, cared for, accepted, respected, appreciated, and safe (Chapter 14)
  • Increase your chemistry and get the quantity and quality of intimate love and sex you want (Chapter 15)
  • Improve the amount and quality of the time you spend together (Chapter 16)
  • Deepen the level of commitment to each other (Chapter 17)


Here’s a peek inside THE LOVE LADDER



Takeaway—There are often differences between men and women in what is important for a good emotional connection. Here are some generalizations about male/female differences related to connection.

1. Women may emphasize closeness, feeling cared for, understood, accepted, and respected. Men may emphasize their partner’s availability (sexual and otherwise) and attention, and how much they feel accepted, trusted, admired and appreciated.

2. Men may need to learn the value of intimacy, caring for someone else, and sharing their feelings and lives whereas these things often come naturally for women.

3. Women want to avoid abandonment and men want to avoid rejection. 

4. Men use love to get sex. Women use sex to get love.

Action—Discuss the generalizations—do they apply to you? Continue by discussing what is important for each of you to feel close to your partner. Write down your preliminary conclusions.

Commitment—Each of you say out loud: “I will continually be aware of what my partner needs to feel close to me and do my best to provide it.”

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