You’ll discover all this and much more. Author Brad McMurrey has spent decades collecting and condensing all the personal improvement/achievement and career ideas so you don’t have to! In this first of its kind book, these ideas are presented as step-by-step actions that help you achieve your personal and financial dreams.

The only thing that really counts is not what you learn,

but the actions you take when performing a given activity.

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How would you like to know:

• How to manage your time, get motivated, establish your goals, and execute your plan for personal achievement?

• The characteristics of a winner you need to acquire?

• How to perform project management, decision making, problem solving, leadership, marketing, negotiation, and many other business activities?

• How to plan and execute work projects and lead teams like a seasoned manager ?

• How to establish and maintain great personal and professional relationships with others?

• How to communicate with others: carry on a conversation, give a speech or presentation, and

write skillfully?

and best of all…

• How to have all this information organized for action when you need it?

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THE SUCCESS LADDER is designed for:

• Students or Employees—you’ll have a lifetime of personal and business lessons organized as action steps to achieve the success you want.

• Parents— you’ll give your children a multi-year head start in life and business when you share these ideas with them.

Businesses—you’ll be able to maximize the performance of your employees using a collection of best ideas and best practices.

Anyone who wants to achieve his or her personal and financial dreams. You’ll save years of effort and learning and avoid countless, serious mistakes.

In your WORK life you’ll stand out from the crowd and appear to have decades of extra experience, because you’ll have all the important expert information you need, when you need it, presented as step-by-step action to:

Plan projects effectively and execute them from the smallest task to the largest, most complex undertaking

Make decisions and solve problems

Establish and maintain great relationships with others

Lead teams

Communicate with others: carry on a conversation, give a speech or presentation, write skillfully

Market your products and services successfully

Negotiate with others

Manage your time

Excel at other work activities: teamwork, teaching, learning, holding a meeting

In your PERSONAL life you’ll be able to maximize your success and personal fulfillment in all aspects of life, because you’ll have a blueprint with all the important expert information you need, presented as step-by-step action to:

Get motivated

Establish your goals

Identify the characteristics of a winner you need to acquire

Perform a self-assessment and survey your resources

Plan for personal improvement and achievement

Execute your plan for personal improvement and achievement

Evaluate your progress

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(from $4.99)

Here’s a peek inside THE SUCCESS LADDER


Five of the Eight Key Motivators Preceding Nine Pages of Specific Actions for Personal Improvement and Achievement

1. You make your life.

  • You make your life. You make your life. You make your life.
  • It’s up to you! You’re the manager of you. People like to complain about their management and projects at work, but you are your management and you are your project. Ask yourself how that project is going.

2. For things in your life to get better, you have to get better.

3. Understand that you have the power to choose the direction of your life. You can change.

4. Goethe said, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

5. Luck = Preparation + Opportunity, so prepare yourself for what you want and try to create the opportunity.


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