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Hi, I’m Brad McMurrey. Here’s how I came to write The Love Ladder.

I woke up one morning, 21 years old and married. I wandered into the living room of our small apartment and read an article in my wife’s Ladies Home Journal. At that point I realized I knew hardly anything about having a real relationship with a woman or being married to one. That day, my primary hobby for the next several decades began—learning all I could about relationships and marriage from magazines, books, seminars, and electronic media. Then one day, the woman who was to become my final wife asked me, “How much do you love me and where is our relationship going?” In response, I collected the best of everything about what love really is, and I began writing what became the The Love Ladder. One thing I had learned was that what really counts is not the knowledge you have but the actions you take. So I organized the book as specific actions you can use to find the right person and build the kind of love you’ve always wanted.

Hi, I’m Brad McMurrey. Here’s how I came to write The Success Ladder.

As I flew to Virginia for my hour-long one-on-one meeting with a former National Security Advisor (the job Condoleezza Rice had) to discuss what my organization could do for a giant project involving national security, I recalled years before when I began my career in a small cubicle. I was doing the work no one else wanted to do. Then, I had marveled at the managers who knew how to market and accomplish large complex projects. I’ll never be able to do that, I thought. But over the years, gradually through experience and studying everything I could find on the subject of personal improvement/ achievement and work-related activities, I accumulated the knowledge they had and more. Along the way I learned that knowledge alone was useless. What really counted was action taken at the appropriate time. So in The Success Ladder. I organized the best of the best ideas as a step-by-step blueprint—specific actions to take at home and at work—to achieve personal and career success.

Brad McMurrey, B.S., M.A., C. Phil.

For over 30 years Brad participated in and led system, software, research, and marketing projects of all sizes including multimillion dollar projects that involved decision making at the national level. During that time, two of his main interests were romantic relationships and personal/career success. He collected and studied all the information he could find on those subjects including lessons learned at work. He observed countless mistakes made (including his own) in romantic relationships and on the job. People may have learned or heard how to find and have a good relationship or how to perform work-related functions, but Brad realized that it’s not information or knowledge that really counts but the actions taken at the appropriate time. This led him to organize and condense the comprehensive amounts of material he had about relationships, personal improvement/achievement, and work-related functions into the specific actions you must take to find and build love and personal/career success. The result is the books The Love Ladder, The Success Ladder, and the combined book The Love and Success Ladders Combined. Brad is retired and lives in Carlsbad, California with his wife of 10 years.

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